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Open Letter: McQuaid outlines UCI stakeholder process

To all Stakeholders
Ref: Presidency

Dear friend,
Following my letter of 13 December 2012 I am pleased to be able to give you more details of the International Cycling Union’s stakeholder consultation exercise, “A Bright Future for Cycling.” This consultation will take place between 21 February and 15 March 2013.

Every stakeholder in cycling will be invited to participate in the process, including riders, teams, race organizers, sponsors, sports institutions, the media and fans. The input and contributions from cycling’s stakeholders around the world will be gathered electronically, using a specially designed online consultation survey.

Following the UCI’s invitation in November 2012, various stakeholders contributed their ideas to the topics to be covered by the consultation exercise. As a result, the consultation will cover four broad themes: globalization, anti-doping, the cycling calendar and riders. A fifth subject — that of the governance of cycling — will be a “red thread” running through each of the four major themes.

In conjunction with the online consultation survey, the key themes will be discussed by four working groups composed of appropriate experts from cycling’s different stakeholder groups, which will gather in March.

The UCI has commissioned global professional services firm Deloitte to manage the stakeholder consultation exercise. Deloitte will report their findings to the UCI Management Board in the second quarter of 2013 to help the UCI decide what changes and actions need to be implemented to improve the organization, operation and image of cycling. Key findings and recommendations will be published.

We saw last year in the Olympic Games that cycling is one of the world’s most popular sports, both for participants and spectators. The aim of this consultation is for the UCI to listen to stakeholders’ views so they can help to shape cycling’s bright future by making it an even more popular sport.

This consultation will look forward to ensure that our sport is the best it can possibly be. The different worlds of sport, of technology and of media are all changing every day and cycling must keep up — as all cycling enthusiasts know, when the peloton moves forward you either keep up or get left behind.

I strongly believe that all stakeholders will be keen to assist the UCI in giving cycling new momentum and ensure that our sport has the wonderful future that it deserves.

I very much look forward to hearing your views in this unprecedented exercise for our sport.

Yours faithfully,
Pat McQuaid

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