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Adam Craig journal: Nine reasons why ‘cross season is a blur


I’ve been getting some. Thanks to how kick-ass our Giant TCX Advanced SL bikes seem to go around corners for me these days, I’ve been able to ride fast, take chances and generally come out pretty well at these contests of late. A pair of wins at Downeast and Highland Park C2s helped my UCI points acquisition and subsequent start position improvement for the remainder of the season. Fort Collins GP worked out pretty sweet. (Other than my recently-dusted off two-year-old bike’s chain breaking at the gun on day one. Recycling bikes to combat corporate excess is still totally worth it.) An entertainingly quick ride through the field on Sunday for 7th, which was nearly fourth… Northampton NE Pro CX was fun with a solid Jeremy Powers battle on day two ending in a near miss. That guy is fast, but not otherworldly so. Ok, he’s pretty fast…


This weekend’s Louisville GP was a great end to this string of racing. It’s always sort of surprising when racing every weekend keeps making you stronger. I started well on day one, settling into the lead group immediately and only just missed (wasn’t able to answer) Powers and Ryan Trebon’s mid-race separation. So, I bided my time and tried to play it smart for the final podium spot. Danny Summerhill held onto my hooligan-line-riding ways in the closing meters and did his best professional road racer sprint impression to relegate me to fourth. Sunday, the glue gremlins reared their (not so) sticky heads again, my rear tire peeling off the rim while I was showboating riding the limestone steps on lap one (dumb idea) and effectively making contact with the leaders impossible. Sweet skids on my trusty old Michelin clincher caught me back up to 11th. Blah. The course in Louisville was sweet though; I reckon it’s worthy of hosting the world championships on the first weekend in February. Are you going to watch? The jury is still out on if I’ll try to make the team. That’ll make 14 months of continual fitness for this kid, probably worth it, possibly not sustainable… One step at a time.

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