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Adam Craig journal: Nine reasons why ‘cross season is a blur

The obligatory enduro

New Hampshire’s Highland Mountain Bike Park is a pretty awesome place to ride bikes. Mark Hayes has his finger on the pulse and is always putting on events that need to be happening. This is the second year of the Overmountain Enduro and it keeps getting better. Attendance upped from 90 to 150 this year, the weather was sweet (after a DELUGE all day Friday made for gloriously muddy practice), the courses were great (especially considering the park only has 800 feet of vertical to work with) and everyone had a good time from the looks of it. Except anyone contesting the sort of sadistic “Climber’s Prime” transit between stage two and three… I kept it mostly clean and won by a decent margin. East Coast trail love. Word on the street is there are some other spots around the east realizing you can have a solid enduro without huge mountains and are getting in the game next year. Stay tuned… And check out this recap video.

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