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Castelli expands winter offering with cyclocross and winter onesies, custom Gore-Tex style kit

The SanRemo Thermosuit — $350
Pros: One-piece suit for serious cold with the claimed comfort of a summer skinsuit
Cons: The look isn’t timeless, for the money we would want it to last a lifetime

With a shocker yellow left arm, the full-length SanRemo ThermoSuit is, fittingly, the highlight of the line and has only been in stores for only a few weeks.

Castelli touts the aerodynamics and comfort as comparable to its summer SpeedSuit, but wearable in truly cold conditions.

Castelli used various fabrics to maximize protection and maintain breathability. The front and most of the sleeves are windproof, while the back is fleece-lined Thermoflex Core Duo fabric that insulates while preventing overheating. A high neckline adds some neck protection as well. The tights have hollow-core fibers that Castelli claims offer improved wicking and provide extra warmth with more weight savings.

The one-piece suit has the appearance of shorts, leg warmers and a jacket, making it aesthetically suitable on casual rides. The top can be completely unzipped, but with the two pieces attached there is no risk of exposing the belly as can occur when wearing two separate pieces.

Castelli advertises the suit for temperatures between 37 degrees and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, but custom team specialist Alvin Nordell suggested that, in reality, a rider wouldn’t want to put it on unless temperature fell below 40 F, while the suit should keep you warm down to about 15 F without additional clothing.

The price is certainly high, and similar items can be had for significantly less. Pactimo offers a custom Cyclocross Thermal Skinsuit with long sleeves and knickers, made from performance cold weather fabric advertised for temperatures ranging from 20 to 40 F and is designed to perform well in windy conditions. It is priced at $159 each for the smallest custom order.

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