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Police investigating Park City Point 2 Point attack

During the Park City Point 2 Point race in Utah Saturday, Tammy Jacques-Grewal reported being victim to an attack during her race Saturday.

Park City police are investigating the attack, allegedly at the hands of a white man wearing red shorts. According to Jacques-Grewal, the lone man jumped out of the bushes where he seemed to be crouching and ran toward her.

Jacques-Grewal stated that she yielded to the pedestrian and moved over to let him through but rather than pass, the runner charged at her with a look “of a serial killer with a smile” and hit her in the head with his elbow and threw her off the bike and nearly knocked her unconscious.

“You could tell from his face that he was on an agenda to cause problems to the racers,” Jacques-Grewal told Singletrack.com.

Other competitors doubled back on the trail when they heard her screams and found the man standing over her.

After continuing down the trail, many other racers told her that the man had caused them problems. In her opinion, the man’s objective was just to disrupt the racers and show his frustration for the race.

Jacques-Grewal’s husband reported the incident to the police who are now seeking details about the incident.

As of Friday Jacques-Grewal said she is recovering well. She told Singletrack.com that her head is “fine,” her neck is “a bit tweaked,” but her Achilles tendon is in really bad shape. “Even just riding for an hour with my daughter on the bike path causes me pain,” she said Friday.

“I’ve never encountered anyone on course or who was aggressive,” Jacques-Grewal said in response to being asked if she will fear more incidents like this in the future. “I’m totally over it,” and sees no reason that others should fear aggressive encounters in races.

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