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Life as a Bike Jockey: You just never know

Psst… keep going

I’ve been asked what I do when times get tough; when racing isn’t “fun” and you are so far from where you want to be – or even used to be.

I try to remember that nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. It helped to frame so many instances that, without it, just looked like they really sucked.

This year I got a lot of practice trying to just be ok and patient with the slow progress I had, even if it felt like there was no movement at all.

I talked with my coaches Ben and Lee, letting them know what was up and changing the training as necessary. And I definitely talked with other riders and read up on other athletes on how they got through tough times.

But on the days when none of that worked and it got really hard to believe things were going to turn around, my family, friends, and fella were huge encouragements. The podium stairs aren’t even big enough to hold all the people who help get you there. And on my stair, there’s a slew of great people, sponsors and a guy in a Winnie the Pooh outfit. Granted Pooh only comes out for special occasions like the Pro Cycling Challenge, but that’s cool by me.

What do you do?

Sometimes it’s just enough that you keep going, because you just never know what’ll happen next.

And with that, we’ll see how the story continues to unfold… because it will undoubtedly include PowerBall winnings soon.

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Judy Freeman is a pro mountain biker out of Boulder, Colorado. She was nominated to the Olympic Long Team as a potential rider at the 2012 London Olympics. Freeman races for the Crankbrothers Race Club. Team sponsors for 2012 include Ibis Bicycles, X-Fusion suspension, Formula braking, SRAM shifting, Crankbrother components, Pactimo clothing, Fi’zi:k saddles, Continental tires, Rocky Mounts racks, Pearl Izumi footwear and LeeLikesBikes. Join her for her monthly column on Singletrack.com called “Life as a Bike Jockey.” Also, be sure to follow her adventures on her Facebook athlete page.

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