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Life as a Bike Jockey: You just never know

May I have another?

Though things could have been worse, the months from April through July took their toll on me. There were days when kitting up to race were only powered by routine.

My teammate from last year, Andy Schultz, asked me at one race how I was doing after a series of injuries and disappointments. I told him I felt some days like I was pulling myself back up after one crash or poor finish only to have another just around the corner. It was like watching a slow rising boxer stand up just to receive the next hit. That’s a bit over-dramatic, but real life did have the black eye and missing tooth. Sadly though, it was all sans cute silky shorts.

Frustrations were high. Doctor, chiropractor and dentist visits weren’t exactly budgeted for. And let’s just say repeated headbutts with Mother Earth do little for riding confidence. On the home front, dating this racer had its own special perks. The frustration lead to more than one bucket of tears and that doesn’t exactly make for a dream date. I’m lucky to have the fella that I do, because some days I wanted to break up with me.

After about three months, it was hard to believe the season wouldn’t turn around. But it slowly did starting late July. The legs started to come back and I was finally keeping the rubber side down. A little momentum started from there and in Wisconsin, it felt like a really rough streak had come to an end.

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