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Life as a Bike Jockey: You just never know

Stranger than fiction

My cross-country season more or less came to an end in that Wisconsin race. There’ll be a few more fat-tire events in my 2012, but mostly it’ll be ‘cross from here on out. Looking back on the last eight months, it’s a little bizarre to see how it played out. I went in with a plan but it came out entirely different; still, somehow it was almost scripted.

Won’t know till you go

“So let’s just see where this goes.”

Back in February I finished my diary entry with that line when I wrote about heading into my 2012 season. You still can almost smell the “famous last words” stink to it.

I’ve since decided to write more favorably toward my future, because in that post, when I talked about the possibilities of injury, financial hardship and the emotional challenges I might encounter, I didn’t realize I was writing the introduction to a season of first-time highs and frustrating lows capped with a victoriously cheesy finish.

But that’s what I did.

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