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Adam Craig diary: Winding down after the West Coast summer

Dale from Tyax Adventures will happily, for a nominal fee, use his ’61 De Haviland “Beaver” float plane to transport you and your bike buddies up to one of the myriad alpine lakes above their lodge. Then, it’s a lifetime of old prospecting trails to ride back down. Seems like a good place to take a mountain bike for a test ride. And we did.

The editorial crew was comprised of entirely strong riders, most of whom were in town for Crankworx and on the shred program anyway. Fun was had, bikes were discussed, guides were pumped for more info on the area (thanks, Adrian and Emily.) We only had a day out in the hills, but it was enough to know that a return trip with plenty of time and provisions is necessary someday.

The Oregon Enduro Series held it’s final two rounds on August 26 and September 8-9 in Sisters and on the flanks of Mount Hood.

They were very different events, showcasing the variety of riding in our little state. I won the scrappy, raw Sisters event and got smoked on the high-speed, committing, DH-style Mount Hood. Guess the Oregon pedal/coast racing win streak is over for me.

Josh Carlson might be starting his own streak, as he sort of DOMINATED the Hood weekend to win the series overall in grand style. I’m glad I’ve gotten to see that guy ride a motocross bike, as it gives valuable insight into how brutally he attacks every inch of trail — a must for this kind of racing. Let’s do a winter exchange, Frother, I’ll give you a touch of diesel restraint and you work on my Race Gas consumption.

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