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JB's Go Big or Go Bigger: The mountain biker teaching Joe Dombrowski all he knows

The long and short of how we made such a successful partnership is that I think I wanted a wicked-fast training partner that could keep up with me and hammer. Check.

Joe crashing in my basement for more than week for pre-season training seems like last month. My wife Erin cooking dinner while Joe played Thomas the train with my son Conrad while I sorted out the diabolical route for the next day on the computer will all be fond memories when Joe ships off to race with the big boys in Europe.

In the long run I will coach more athletes in both disciplines, but for now I am sticking to my mantra: “do simple things well.” The goal is to keep racing until I am at least Tinker’s age, and be a good dad, husband and coach for Joe.

In retrospect, attention to process over results has been one key to getting this far, and I believe if we keep things grounded and fun, we will continue to make steady progress on the the road to the Tour de France!

Good things happen when some good effort goes in the right place with honest intentions.

It’s all just back to normal adventure in a few weeks after we wrap up our respective races. Joe is going to the worlds, I am doing the final tie-breaking National Ultra Endurance Series race and Pisgah Stage Race. It won’t be long before it’s time for us to hit some dirt adventure when the drop bars go wild at Guns, Grits and Gravel.

Stay tuned.

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Jeremiah Bishop’s occupation has always been Adventurer/Explorer, which led him to his career as a pro mountain biker. He races full-time for Cannondale Factory Racing, has over 100 race wins, including eighth place at worlds, and is a two-time U.S. national champion in short track and marathon. Jeremiah is an ace stage racer and a star of the ultra endurance race scene. He is also a cycling coach (on pavement as well as dirt) and stays true to his adventurer roots by fishing, hosting the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo charity event and getting in extra time outdoors with his family. Check out Jeremiah’s regular Singletrack.com column with pro tips about racing, training and life, Go Big or Go Bigger

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