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Breck Epic diary day 4: Someone pushed my 'on' button

Sarah Musick will be chronicling her experiences of her first mountain bike stage race at the 2012 Breck Epic. Check back for her updates.

Someone pushed my ON button!

Today is filled with great success (said in a Borat accent) for the YetiBeti from Colorado Springs.  I go into the stage with words from my support crew taped to my handlebars.  They read:

“Ride Fast!” -Jacque
“Don’t Hold Back” -Your Love
“The tent’s in the basement. Go Fast!” -Greg

Greg and Jacque housed and loved on me and my family this week and the rule is only winners sleep in the house.  As I rip down the Colorado Trial today I think, “the tent isn’t going up tonight!”

Every start prior to stage 4 has set me way back in the field and I know if I attack hard I will either burst or be in a significantly better position.

Attack. Recover. Attack. Recover. Attack. Attack. Attack. Recover.

I loosen my helmet because I start to get dizzy.  It’s enough to put me in a group of fast guys for the first rollers and descent.  I’m over the moon happy with my success and build on it all day.

I ride things I don’t think I can.  I keep up with riders who I know are stronger and faster.  I push my limits and I squeal inside with glee on the fast, flowing singletrack.  At one point I ask a guy if he wants to pass and he says, “This trail is made for you, I’m just trying to keep up.”

It feels amazing to have legs like jet packs even after 120 miles and over 15,000 feet of elevation gain, but who’s counting.  I know a big piece of this has been my recovery and nutrition.  I’m beta testing a new product Enduro Bites and am sincerely amazed by the ease they have on my digestive system.  I know everyone’s suffering. I’m happy to minimize the pain in any way possible.

Added motivation is how close I am to losing the shortstack of the podium.  I don’t realize how motivating throwing my arms up at an award ceremony is until I see it slipping away.  The podium is a big thank you to my team, my sponsors, my everyday supporters.

My eight-year-old, Jack (BoyBeti) has been at every stage of the Breck Epic. The organizer, Mike McCormack has even taught him some new fist bumps and a secret way to win Paper-Rock-Scissors.  Today was the first day that Jack was wowed by my race.  In the innocence and tactlessness of a child you know exactly how you’re doing.

He thought the rain day was neat because of the mud, but this fast day was even better, mostly because it meant less time he had to spend waiting for me at the aid stations.

He and I rode together after today’s stage to spin out our legs.  He looked up at me and said, “Smom, this was your fastest day ever, huh?”  I smiled all over and agreed it was.

Too bad I forgot to turn on my Strava.

I finished 3rd out of four in the singlespeed women’s category. I increased my 3rd place overall by an hour. 1st and 2nd place had great days too.

I was thrilled to mount the shortstack and throw up my “Thank you!” arms.

Musick started mountain biking in denim shorts one New Mexican summer a decade ago. After three years as the only girl on the college mountain bike team she moved from her home state of Virginia to the Rocky Mountains. Colorado changes people. She was schooled and mentored by top pro riders on Colorado Springs group rides. She became instantly captivated and in 2007 won the Colorado State Series. Currently she rides and races with the YetiBeti Women’s Mountain Bike Team, works at Carmichael Training Systems, and is a part of start-up company Enduro Bites, making her days full of freakin’ fast peps. Musick writes about her struggle with depression and the therapy she finds on the bike. She’s a badass (first year) singlespeeder who’s not taking prisoners in the race of life. Thanks to sponsors Stan’s NoTubes, Yeti Cycles, Ergon, Twin Six, Golden Bike Shop, Noosa, Bulumu, White Girl Salsa, Cooper Door Coffee, Honey Stinger, Optic Nerve

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