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Willow’s Wisdom on the Rocks: Consciousness and awareness

Do you remember why you first started riding a bike? For me, it was the sense of freedom. I loved the connection to nature, and the escape from reality.

That sense of freedom was hampered quickly however, by a training plan and a racing schedule. Even though I had many great results at the races, it took me quite a while to reconnect to the freedom and joy that made me feel alive.

I learned specific ways through the years of getting in touch with that joy and having that drive me. Here are my musings and tips on some ways to let your intuition keep your riding, training and racing on the joyful side.

You ARE energy

Before I go any further, contemplate this; you are on a rock hurtling through space. Okay, now let’s continue.

Your body contains energy centers referred to as Chakras.

Many people know of the 7 Chakras, but there are actually twelve. Three above your body, 7 within, and 2 below. Our Chakras transmit and receive energy much as your computer downloads “programs” and sends email. The “e” in email stands for electronic or energetic mail. Don’t you also receive a training “program?”

Here is a great website for more information on the Chakras, and lots of free meditations to raise your vibration. I will be referring to Chakras many times throughout my next posts, but before I overwhelm you, let’s take a look at the energy center of the first Chakra.

Working with the fight or flight instinct

The first Chakra is located at the base of your spine. The first Chakra is based on primitive survival instincts. Fight. Flee. Eat. Sleep. Obey the rules of the tribe. Listen to authority. Race. Attack. Sprint. Survive.

I am asking you to think about what your first Chakra is plugged into, because that is where your energy is going. Are you plugged into the belief that there is no gain without pain? Because millions of people believe that, and if you are plugged into that belief, then you will manifest it and that is how life is going to be for you. There is a better way to access energy.

So much of human existence is focused on the horizontal energy plane. Horizontal energy is measured by what you put out, how much you do and who you can conquer. All that focus on results and outcomes is a real energy drain.

Learning to access my vertical connection has been invaluable to me. As a human and an athlete, you want to be a weaver of vertical and horizontal energies. When connected vertically to source energy, Spirit and/or your Higher Self, energy is always flowing.

Now, here is where your consciousness comes in.

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