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From the Pages of Velo: VeloLab tests bikes of the WorldTour

The Final Tally

Surprise, surprise, WorldTour bikes are brilliant machines. In fact, the four in this test ended up with the highest average score of any test thus far: an impressive 77.25/100.

And the winner is…
Once again, we have two bikes grouped so tightly it came down to the lab to determine which could come out on top. In the end, the Focus’ excellent stiffness scores pushed it ahead of the Trek, which ended up with the best subjective scores of the lot. Each is a pure race steed with its own personality; minor geometry details are the primary differentiation. Trek’s easy handling and more comfortable ride point it towards road races, while the Focus’ impressive rigidity under power and twitchier handling make it an incredible criterium machine.

But don’t count Look and Fuji out. Look’s integration is both beautiful and functional, offering phenomenal adjustability. The Fuji had the lowest bottom bracket deflection numbers of any bike in this test, among the stiffest we’ve ever tested, but it still lost most of its points in the lab. The flex came at the seatpost, resulting in above average comfort countering the slightly vague feeling rear end. Flex in the right places is important, and the Altamira would be an excellent choice for a smaller rider or someone looking for a bit more give over hours of riding.

Not for everyone
All these bikes are fast and assertive. That’s wonderful if you’re racing through France in July, but it is also their downfall. With ultra stiff frames, tubular tires, and aggressive positions — not to mention extraordinary price tags — they aren’t for everyone. The Look’s geometry and ride quality are perhaps the best suited of the four to everyday use for the less aggressive rider, while the Trek’s taller H2 head tube option makes a more upright position available. If you’re a racer-type, any of the four will put your power to good use.

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