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"Unbeatable" singlespeeder pulls the Pflug in the Mohican

A decade of racing at the Mohican has included some unusual occurrences, including: an overnight flood of the entire Walhounding Valley that forced on-the-fly course changes during the race; searing heat the next year; baseball-size hail before packet pickup followed by soaking rains; two tornado’s crossing the course in 2010.

For racer’s who completed the 2010 race, the weather reports coming into this year’s race were less than optimistic, with a threatening front of thunderstorms rolling in on Thursday night and again on Friday before packet pickup. However, the dry conditions before the storms arrived allowed the ground to soak up the moisture, not unlike how a record 600+ racers soaked up nearly 23 kegs of Great Lakes Brew following the race.

Gentle winds continued throughout the day and late into the night, creating ideal course conditions would produce record-breaking times and good memories of the tenth anniversary race including the first ever finish by tandem duo Devin DeBoer and Mark Quist, who finished 9:58:35.

On its anniversary year, The Kenda Mohican 100 also made history by recording the oldest racer to ever complete the race. Mike Dietlin, (Kenda) will celebrate his seventieth birthday but he is not letting that slow him down. Out of 27 masters who started, eighteen finished, with Dietlin placing fourteenth, despite having twenty years on this field of young bucks in their fifties. At the awards, BikeSource of Columbus recognized Dietlin’s achievement with a $75 gift certificate. As he picked up his award, Dietlin, who has completed three Mohican 100’s in a row, including the wet year when many dropped out, yelled out to the crowd, “I think I may be done with the 100 mile and may enter the sissy race next year!” he said referring to the Mohican 100k, sticking out his tongue.

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