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Adam Craig diary: European XC to Oregon Enduro but not to London…

I didn’t.  With a flight to the Ute Valley Pro XCT in Colorado Springs two days later, I had enough of a hangover to make things tenuous without the Westside upcharge…  But Ryan Trebron did, his chugging skills just wouldn’t go to bed.

In retrospect, I should’ve too, as Ryan rode convincingly away from our five-strong lead group on the penultimate lap of the XC race Saturday afternoon.  Must’ve been that nightcap.  Or just his continual quest to actually tear his crankarms and handlebars off his bike with every pedal stroke.

OK, everyone go home and do this Tree Farm approved exercise: pick a random stranger off the street, challenge them to a beer-quaffing contest, then sprint off on your townie, trying to remove the bars and pedals with your skinny appendages.  Repeat for a decade and you too can ride at 1,000 watts all day long.  Freak.

My K.I.R. points from Tuesday only paled in comparison to Ryan though, so I attacked the remainder of our group with 500m to go, didn’t crash on the slickest rain/clay soaked boardwalk ever raced across and got second place.  Basically Todd, JHK and Sam should’ve all accepted their invitations to The Blitz, it’s obviously ideal preparation…  Next year?

Not to get all sappy, but being in Colorado Springs, the town that jump-started my current utopia MTB lifestyle, when the email with the subject line reading “Olympic Team non-Selection” came through on Friday afternoon was bittersweet.

The Olympic Training Center’s U23 resident athlete program that I earned a spot in after graduating high school was absolutely the turning point in my life.  It’s been a great ride, much like the many rides I went on in the hills around Colorado Springs in those formative years.

When some of the current U23 crop suggested a ride after Sunday’s eliminator race (which I got smoked in and Ryan won) my heart kind of melted.  Having Jeremiah Boobar (who gave me my very first free bike part, a RockShox SID in 1998) guide us on some little-known Cheyenne Canyon gems was the icing on an already sweet weekend cake.  Thanks stoked kids and lifelong MTB shredder, for bringing it full circle.  This is a fine hobby we have…

That’s all for now.  But there’s going to be more.  The next eight weekends are spoken for, all good stuff.

• June 23- Mont St. Anne, Quebec World Cup
• June 30- Windham, NY World Cup (surprise in store)
• July 6- XC and Super D National Champs, Sun Valley
• July 14-15- Decision- Missoula, Montana Pro XCT or Hood River Oregon Enduro? Vote.
• July 22- The MEGA Avalanche Alpe d’ Huez, France  Finally!  I’m scared.
• July 28- World Cup Finals, Val d’ Isere, France.
• August 5- Downieville Classic.
• August 11- Crankworx Enduro, Whistler, BC
• August 12- Olympic Games Mountain Bike race/I hop on a plane to the middle of nowhere, BC.

Good thing I got in shape the last few weeks…

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