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Lee Rodgers Diary: Conflicted airborne memories of Korea

Onto the last day, a 45km sprint onto the outskirts of Seoul. Man it was fast; we hit 50km average for the stage. Another dodgy bit of road appeared 4km from the finish but luckily everyone was safe by the end, The stage was won by a rampaging Hanson once again, with Park claiming the GC win.

And so that was that. A potentially great week’s racing just got lost amidst all the crap that this event got mired in. I am all for spreading the sport around the globe because it is a wonderful one, one that survives despite all the scandals and dirt that infects it, yet if the push for globalization of cycling means that corners are cut, eyes are averted and backs turned on the responsibility for rider safety that we all must bear then that is a price too high to pay.

One teammate’s chances of riding in the Olympics this year for Ireland are rapidly diminishing thanks to a sliced thumb he sustained on a dangerous finish, and another rider will be out for at least a year as a result of spinal injuries sustained in that last moto crash.

Will we be back next year? I really don’t know. More than a few of us will probably say no, but then, we are racers. So…

Ah, a Cognac with my coffee. Some things never disappoint…

Thanks for reading.

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