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Giro Notebook, Stage 21: Cav says Giro has killed him; Phinney’s unplanned detour

Phinney: ‘I am glad to finish this Giro’

Taylor Phinney (BMC Racing) was hoping to close out the 95th Giro differently than how he ended it, with victory in Sunday’s final time trial to go with his opening-stage victory in Denmark.

Early in his ride, however, a police motorcycle that was guiding him through the stage incorrectly steered off course. Phinney quickly realized he was going the wrong way, stopped and turned around, enough to derail his ride.

“We always have a lead moto in front of us, you’re always watching where the moto is going. A few K into the race, there was a right turn, but my lead moto just went straight through it,” Phinney told VeloNews. “That’s not something you expect to happen. Then I realized I was supposed to go right. I had to turn around and restart. At that point in time, then to have something like that just rattles you. I felt like I had an all right ride.”

Rather than contest for the stage, Phinney stopped the clocked at 1:31 slower than BMC teammate Marco Pinotti for 16th place.

“It’s pretty disappointing. This was the carrot I was chasing the whole last week. I have to be happy with finishing this Giro. I cannot estimate how much I lost,” he said. “At the end of the day, shit happens. You just have to move on. I was pretty angry at the finish.”

Phinney was especially upset because he hoped that a strong ride in Milan would help him secure the one spot the U.S. team will have for the time trial race at the London Olympic Games.

“[Dave] Zabriskie is going well and I wanted to show something today, that I deserved the spot,” he said. “I am a little bit upset how things ended today, but I am happy to get through this Giro. I know it will make me a better rider.”

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