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Week in tech: 3T Garmin-compatible stem; supercomputer to design aero bike; SRAM Chain Catcher

The Week in Tech rounds up must-read tech stories from across the industry every Friday. Read on for this week’s editorial picks.

3T Integra stem adds Garmin compatibility
3T’s innovative Integra stem, which cleanly integrates a Garmin head unit into the stem cap, will be used by some Garmin-Barracuda riders in the Giro d’Italia. Nick Legan first spotted the stem at Eurobike last year, but at that point it was only designed to integrate a Joule. The unique faceplate now houses a Garmin mounting plate, and is compatible with Garmin’s 800, 500, and 200 models.

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Velocite to use supercomputer for aero bike design
Bike brand Velocite has teamed up with the Taiwanese National Centre for High Performance Computing (NCHC) with the intention of building “the most aerodynamic, non-recumbent bicycle possible.” The company will utilize NCHC’s supercomputers to accurately model a complete bike, with rider, in motion using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and genetic algorithm optimization engines. The final simulation will take 25 days to compute.

The company is ignoring UCI rules, looking only to create the fastest bike possible.

Full story at Road.cc >>

SRAM to sell Chain Watcher as aftermarket accessory
The nifty chain catcher that comes standard with the latest version of SRAM Red front derailleurs will be available for aftermarket sale, SRAM announced on Friday.

The catcher comes with a special derailleur mount bolt which has an extra set of threads inside the Allen head. The chain-catcher mount bolt threads into the derailleur mount bolt, allowing for adjustment or removal without affecting front derailleur adjustment.

Officially, the chain catcher is compatible with SRAM’s Red, Force, Rival and Apex braze-on derailleurs, but we’ve successfully mounted it up to Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 and Ultegra front derailleurs as well. Suggested retail is $32 and the catcher will be available June 1.

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