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E-Motion rollers in action

To truly visualize how E-Motion rollers work, you have to watch them in action.

Now that you’ve seen what they do, read about how they feel under your wheels. For a quick idea, check out the excerpt from the review of Inside Ride’s E-Motion rollers: The first time on the E-Motions is surprisingly reassuring, because as you get going it’s impossible to overlook the smoothness. If you look down at the roller frame it will be gently rocking back and forth in time with your pedal stroke, eliminating the up-and-down-back-and-forth oscillation of normal rollers.

It gets better though. You can stand up, dump the bike into top gear, and sprint. I mean really sprint, pretty much full gas. Now I grew up racing a lot of track and have spent my fair share of time on rollers but even I know it’s pretty hard to get out of the saddle and pedal without the bike getting giggly or being periodically ejected altogether.

After watching the video, be sure to check out the review of Inside Ride’s E-Motion rollers.

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