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Pat Lemieux’s contagious giggle

From Phil Gaimon’s diary: Kenda camp.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, training camp is mostly about male bonding. After a winter cooped up at home, it’s great to be back with the team again. Pat Lemieux had been staying with me in Athens, so we flew out together a few days early, and Isaac Howe picked us up at the airport. Mentally, Pat and I had a head start on the humor and silliness part, and Isaac had to sit down and take some breaks when we first arrived, but eventually he got up to speed.

We had a 25-minute drive each way to the main team house, (owned by sponsor Billy Jones of WCJ Pilgrim Wire who probably regrets offering that up by now), and the team gave us a pickup truck for the week, with a big bench front seat, where we of course sat three-wide. By the end of the week, Isaac and I had learned that Pat has a very contagious giggle, and we forced him to sit in the middle where we could tickle him. “Frankie, I can’t tell you why, but you want to give us a GoPro camera” I explained. Thankfully, Frankie trusts me.

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