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Kristin Armstrong wins Merco Cycling Classic TT

Hot off of her time trial win at the Tour of New Zealand, where she beat the current world time trial champion Judth Arndt, Exergy TWENTY12 rider Kristin Armstrong took a convincing win over Canadian national time trial champion Clara Hughes and current U.S national TT champion Evelyn Stevens at the Merco Cycling Classic Boosters Time Trial.

Armstrong’s time was 55 seconds faster than second-place Hughes. Exergy TWENTY12 rider Alison Tetrick finished in fourth place.

“Everything came together. I already know I’m on the best equipment out there and it was up to me to put in a solid winter of training and show up to time trials well prepared, I felt good today,” Armstrong said. “The field is strong here at Merco Cycling Classic; I’m looking forward to the criterium tomorrow, we have a few cards to play.”

Exergy TWENTY12 will race the Merced Downtown Grand Prix Saturday with a squad comprised of Armstrong, Kristin McGrath, Pascale Schnider, Coryn Rivera, Lauren Tamayo, Greta Neimanas and Tayler Wiles.

Although Armstrong won by a considerable gap, the Merco Cycling Classic is an omnium format, which changes up overall scoring considerably.

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