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Four phone apps to kick off your New Year's resolutions

Garmin Fit

Many of you may be using a Garmin fitness product for training such as the Edge series of bike computers. These are excellent tools, but you can now have most of the features on your phone. This app essentially uses GPS in the same way as the bike units to work out your speed, distance etc and plots it on a map. Finish the run/ride or whatever activity and the app automatically updates your Garmin Connect account with all the data.

If your weapon of choice is an iPhone you can get an Ant+ adapter that plugs into the base of the phone, allowing it to work with your heart rate monitor.

So why would you buy a Garmin product in the first place if you can just use your phone? The drawback is a very quick battery drain due to the GPS signal and, of course, do you want to put your phone on the handle bars?

This app is particularly useful for those who like to exercise on their lunch break and don’t necessarily have the time or location to get out for a ride. Of course you may not want to bring your steed and/or gizmos with you to work. You can run, walk, hike, bike or whatever with this app and it is quick and easy to use. The auto hook-up to Garmin Connect is great and anything that gets you out of the chair and exercising is, too. Of course it works really well on the bike too and would be a great intro into what a Garmin can do for anyone thinking about getting one.

Cost: $1.00, available from the Apple App store and from the Android marketplace.

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