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Designing your own training plan for 2012

These days, there’s something to be said for designing your own training program. Athletes that are willing to put some thought and dedication into designing a personal training strategy can be quite successful, more so than just riding around and hoping your form comes around.

It is also helpful to have your own game plan on paper, even if you plan to take advantage of the help of an expert.
For those of you who like to do it yourself (DIY), here are four steps and two documents to use for designing a great 2012 training plan.

Step 1: Get organized

The first step in designing your plan is to have everything written down and organized on one sheet of paper like the one pictured. To download this worksheet visit FasCatCoaching.com.

In one view, this worksheet breaks down the entire 2012 calendar into 38 weeks. Start by figuring out when you are going to start (and stop) racing. If you are lucky enough to attend a training camp, write that down, too. Even knowing in advance when you’ll be taking a vacation away from the bike is helpful.

Step 2: What are you training for?

The next step is to identify precisely what you are training for. Having a tangible goal to work for will give you the motivation to get on the bike each day with a purpose. For starters, write down your three most important races. Then enter those races into the calendar. Define how many weeks you have from now until your first “A” race.

Having the big picture — the 30,000-foot aerial view, if you will — of how your races are setting up this spring and summer will give you the ability to zoom in your training week-to-week.

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