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Win Captain Zabriskie action figure

Here to win the “Captain Zabriskie” action figure?

If so, thanks or subscribing, or for purchasing a copy of the February issue of Velo magazine — our first-ever issue dedicated to the personalities of pro cycling.

In order to enter the contest to win the action figure, you’ll need to have some personality of your own.

Here are the rules: Send us a photo of yourself doing whatever best displays your personality. (Bonus points if your scenario is cycling related.) A copy of the February issue of Velo magazine must be visible in the photo.

Your photo will then be voted upon, and the photo that receives the most positive feedback wins a genuine, one-of-a-kind Captain Zabriskie action figure.

Mail your photos to: webletters(at)competitorgroup.com, and be sure to put “Captain Zabriskie contest” in the subject line.

Disclaimer: Photos may be posted on VeloNews.com and/or the VeloNews Facebook page. By sending in your photo, you consent to having your likeness posted on the Internet, where it will live on in infamy.

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