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2012 Velo Buyer’s Guide

What’s Inside the Velo Buyer’s Guide

The Velo tech crew of Nick Legan, Caley Fretz and Lennard Zinn profiled over 80 bikes for the 2012 Buyer’s Guide, from dream road bikes to trail mountain bikes, including six “Horses for Courses” to help you choose the right steed for your upcoming event.

They also weighed in on the latest trends in the cycling industry — bottom bracket standards, electronic shifting, wide rims and aero clothing. Not all were given the thumbs up. Volagi’s Liscio, however, was dubbed “the bike of the future,” and held up as a fine example of where bikes are headed.

Seven of the sport’s architects are profiled in a special “Creators” section, featuring the men who first brought you aero bars, carbon fiber frames, 29er wheels and much more.

Also inside: Nick Legan has a chat with the founder/owner of Quality Bicycle Products, the largest bike and parts distributor in the cycling industry; Lennard Zinn visits the factory of the world’s toughest chain; and Caley Fretz gives a peak inside the job of a tech writer with his At The Back column, “Unattainable Perfection.”

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