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Winter weather gear: Transitional temperatures

DeFeet DuraGlove wool — $20

In terms of outright versatility and usefulness in shoulder-season temperatures, a pair of wool DuraGloves is hard to beat. They’re light, easily packable, hold heat even when wet, and are supremely comfortable.

They’re made from thin, tightly knit wool and have little rubber bits on the palm for grip. The rubber bits never come off. The back of the gloves is somewhat slick, making them a great, easily removed glove liner for super cold days as well as a solid standalone item when temperatures get above 45˚ or so. They aren’t very wind proof, though.

Plus, they’re only $20. Few items in your wardrobe cost so little yet will see so much use.

The scoop: Versatile, thermal, not windproof, great glove liners or standalone over 45 degrees F, cheap. Recommended temperature range: no colder than 45 degrees F alone, up to 65 degrees F.


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