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What’s Going on in The Off-Season with Judy Freeman

Back to school

Judy Freeman
Colorado high school state championships. Photo: Judy Freeman

The fall downtime coinciding with the high school mountain bike season gave me time to hang with some kids half my age and twice as tall; a.k.a my local Fairview High School Knights. I was just a visiting pro; there for ride-alongs and answering questions….and taking guff. Standing in the staging area at the last race, a couple of the guys heckled me about my cyclocross remounts from a recent race. The start gun went off before I could ask if they were sure they wanted to run those tires on that course.

The season culminated with the Colorado High School State Championships. Props to the Knights for solid year and a third place finish in D1. But overall, the level of professionalism from all the teams impressed me. The number of riders zipping up jerseys as they finished for the win would’ve made Phil Ligget smile. And the absence of any goofball pistoleros crossing the line made the future of mountain biking sigh in relief.


Judy Freeman
Surveying the damage after the driver behind me failed to deploy her Spidey web at the last minute. Photo: Judy Freeman

I’ve also been taking care of some back pain from a little traffic incident last month. It’s been a mix of chiropractic work and Rolfing sessions. From what I learned, a Rolfing series seemed to be the most thorough approach to the injury. But I didn’t realize part of the treatment is standing in your skivvies in front of a mirror before and after the session to assess changes in structure. The insult has now been added to the injury.

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