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What’s Going on in The Off-Season with Judy Freeman

Editor’s Note: Judy Freeman was accepted as a discretionary nominee to the 2012 Olympic long team Thursday morning
Contrary to my summer race-focused routine of ride, eat, nap, eat, manicure, massage and fanned grape-eating, November has been more run-around with a sprinkle variety. Here’s the highlights and heckling.

Judy Freeman
The Iceman climb. Photo: Caleb Wendel of The Bike Shop in Houghton, Michigan


Judy Freeman
Race Rig. Photo: Judy Freeman

The month started out with the Iceman Cometh race in Michigan. With sights on the $5,000 grand prize, we hopped up my size small Felt 26″ wheel hardtail to high-performance penny-farthing status. I had my friend throw on a rigid fork, a 29″ front wheel and a larger 44/32 front ring set up for me – because I’m pro and that’s how I roll. And truth be told, if I had done it myself, I’d likely have found myself course-side swinging around poorly tightened-downed bike parts like a chimp as the race carried on without me.

Judy Freeman
Big rings: Photo: Judy Freeman

And as planned…I rolled in first…give or take four spots. It wasn’t the mother lode but a respectable fifth place that sent me happily home $1,000 heavier in the pocket. Yaaah, buddy. This was good because …

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