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What a Girl Wants

These earphones will make you fast and hot, like Heather.

Okay, Heather Irmiger’s holiday gift guide might be a little biased toward her sponsors’ products, but who better to say what’s “fast and hot” in the world of mountain biking than the ’09 XC National Champion and two-time mtb. marathon champ? If you can’t find anything on the list, you can always blow some of your employer’s time browsing the “On The Bike” photo gallery on Heather’s blog.

Heather, we expect to see a lot more photos in the “Travel and Fun”/”Off the Bike” categories. For now, we’ll just shop your blog while flipping through last year’s CyclePassion calendar.

Irmiger and Fluckiger Prevail at Iceman Cometh Challenge

Women’s Olympic Long Team

Long Team Photo Gallery

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