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Learn to make Allen Lim’s famous rice cakes

As all good things must come to an end, this week is the final installment of “The Feed Zone Cookbook” videos. Learn how to make the pro peloton’s replacement for sugary energy bars, Allen Lim’s famous rice cakes. Don’t be thrown off by the name. These aren’t the unflavored styrofoam crackers most people call “rice cakes.” Lim’s cakes will change the way you think of rice cakes, as well as refueling during your ride. Once you’ve watched the video, get the recipe for Lim’s rice cakes. When you bring them on group rides, be sure to remind your friends that they are famous in the pro peloton.

Over the past weeks, videos from “The Feed Zone Cookbook” hosted by Allen Lim and Biju Thomas have shown the nutrition tips from the pro peloton. Last week, the chefs taught their secrets to making oatmeal unlike any other that will get an athlete up and going. Look back in the archives to learn Lim’s mother’s recipe for chicken fried rice for a proactive recovery, a homemade beet juice without much fiber, to start your day off with lots of nutrients and a roasted chicken, great for endurance athletes.

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