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Must Read: Cav’ wants Millar at London Games

BBC: Cav’ wants Millar at London Games

Mark Cavendish believes David Millar has paid the price for his doping past and deserves a second chance at London 2012.

Millar admitted taking a performance-enhancing drug in 2004 but returned to the sport after serving a two-year ban.

The veteran Scot, however, is still subject to the British Olympic Association’s lifetime ban.

“He’s redeemed himself. I would love him to be (at London 2012),” said Cavendish, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. “Dave cheated but he has realized what he did and learned a lot. He’s a massive anti-doping campaigner.

“He’s a good friend of mine and an incredible bike rider — incredible.”

The BOA’s hardline stance has been on the books since 1992 but Britain’s national Olympic committee is now the only one in the world to maintain a lifetime ban for anybody who has served a drugs suspension of six months or longer.

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