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A Year Wells Spent

Todd Wells world championships
This is early in the race when I was riding way down in the field. I just wanted the race to be over. Then by the end I had moved up to sprint for 6th place and ended up 7th, the best World Championships result of my career. Didn't think that was going happen at this point. Photo: Frank Bodenmüller
Todd Wells, Geoff Kabush and Max Plaxton at the Subaru Cup
Trying to figure out how to get rid of the Canadians. They ended up getting rid of me but at least my teammate, Max Plaxton won. Photo: Dave McElwaine
Todd Wells 2011 Subaru Cup
This is one of the coolest sections of trail we ride through all year: Fern Valley. We have a similar section of trail at the WC at the Dalby Forest. Photo: Dave McElwaine
Todd Wells 2011 short track nationals
Thought for sure I was going to successfully defend my STXC title. I was riding on the front all day but JHK came around me in the last corner to take the win. I ended up 2nd. Photo: Dave McElwaine
Todd Wells Sea Otter Short Track
Sid and I are sprinting for 2nd place, Plaxton has already won and I'm about to finish 3rd. Not what I was looking for after winning it the last 2 years. Photo: Wil Matthews
Todd Wells sea otter
I've been racing Sea Otter forever and this is the first time I won the XC. I was feeling great that day and I must have attacked 100 times before I got away. Photo: Caley Fretz

Looking back at 2011, Singletrack.com felt the need to raise a glass to one American who had an unquestionably epic year. Todd Wells was chewing up his competition and spitting out the gristle all year, and getting outstanding results across disciplines.

Todd Wells Leadville Trail 100
This race is so long and hard, it sure feels good to win it. Photo: Rob O'Dea

The Durango, Colo. resident is certainly a competitor that rises to the occasion for important races.

Todd Wells National championship
Off the front of MTB XC Nationals, feeling strong and trying to open up the gap to Schultz. It feels so good to set a goal, train for it and achieve it. Photo: Dave McElwaine

At 15th place, he is the highest UCI ranked American in cross country. This year, Wells impressed everyone with his seventh-place finish at the world championships. He took a national championship, plus a third-place finish at the American continental MTB championships.

Wells also bagged a win at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, Calif., plus a second place at the Pro XCT #4, Dripping Springs, third at Pro XCT #5, Subaru Cup, and third at the Pro XCT #1, the US Cup Tripple Crown.

Not only was he was getting huge results in cross country and in short track, but also casually winning endurance races Leadville Trail 100 and La Ruta de los Conquistadores. He took the leaders jersey in stage 1 of La Ruta and held onto it for the win in his first ever mountain bike stage race.

Just to prove that he was a jack of all trades, Wells shredded this cyclocross season, as well. Before even competing in La Ruta, he went into the cyclocross season in his stars and stripes jersey. He took a win at Jingle Cross Rock and got second at the USGP of cyclocross #6, the Derby City Cup. Wells is currently ranked in the top-50 internationally in cyclocross.

With London on the horizon, the 2008 Olympian has American eyes all focused on him. When it comes to Americans that can take on international competition like there is at the Olympics, Wells is a more promising candidate than any the GOP has running for president.

To give us some insight into what was going through his mind while getting these wins this year, Wells captioned photos from some of his major results in 2011. See his photo captions here.

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