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Winter Wardrobe Clothing Reviews


Icebreaker Mens SS Cadence jersey

This is easily my favorite jersey of all time and I now wear it year round. Eight months after first pulling it on it still looks as good as new, despite frequent washing.

Icebreaker SS Cadence jersey. Photo courtesy of Icebreaker

Miracle merino wool is the order of the day, and if you are reading this and thinking, ‘wool, really?’ then bear with me. The rest of you are just nodding sagely.

Merino wool comes from a breed of sheep that live in the New Zealand Alps and face extremes of temperature in the summer and winter that has seen its wool able to adapt to both climates. Truly evolution in motion, it results in garments that provide great breathability and temperature regulation regardless of the conditions. It also has semi-miraculous properties that prevent/reduce the smell of body odor.

Icebreaker has been championing merino clothing since 1994 and this garment ticks all the boxes of comfort, fit, shape and breathability. The jersey has the standard three rear pockets, one of which has a further zipped pocket on the outside. The hem has a great silicone gripper to stop it rising up.

For those spring and autumnal days, add in the Icebreaker long sleeve Cadence jersey, perfect for when you need a second layer, or use it for that full-on winter layering wardrobe.

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