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The New Holiday Season

3. As mountain bikers, we have a huge impact on the economy. There is only one way to fix it, and that is to buy more bike stuff. We are all accessory junkies, so lets start buying. Bike shops are filled with cold weather gear at the moment, so much in fact that if we really wanted to, we could probably ride in sub zero temperatures for days given the right amount of protection and, of course, good legs.

Spend money; buy your lead out men and women an early holiday gift of cold weather gear, and spin. What says you care more than a box filled with arm warmers and shoe covers? Very little. Pick trails that are tucked in trees tend to have little wind resistance. Besides, any snow and mud left on the trails make you sharpen your technical skills for the summer. In other words, ride tough conditions now, so summer conditions seem a lot easier.

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