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The New Holiday Season

2011 Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals
Snowy switchbacks at 2011 Collegiat Mountain Bike Nationals. Photo: Eszter Horanyi

We all know why we hit the trails. Whether you are a pro mountain biker, the weekend warrior, or in the trendy category of “lunchtime leopard,” we ride for training, stress relief, and most of all because we flat out have tons of fun out on the mountain bike.

With all the reasons we can come up with to be on the trails, we tend to come up with even more reasons, or as I say excuses, not to ride during the winter, especially during the glorious holiday season. Yes, sometimes you could be surrounded by five feet of snow and freezing 50 mph winds, but we must fight this to avoid the all too familiar phrase, “It’s just too cold to ride today, I will go for sure when it warms up.”

I will admit I am as guilty as anyone in using this phrase, along with many others, to combat the harsh temperatures and snow-covered obstacles during the holidays. However, this holiday season we all are going to fight the cold, and find ways to keep training at a high level during times of snow, wind, family, and food.

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