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Bicycle Friendly Stickers — a campaign worth backing!

In an effort to keep his athletes and other local cyclists safer out training, Lindsey Wilson College cycling coach Dave Grigsby has lauched a “Bicycle Friendly” sticker campaign.

Grigsby said the genesis of the idea came from people who lived on popular training roads in the Columbia, Kentucky, area.

“They came to us and said, ‘We really enjoy having you ride by, and we want to come up with a way to let the cyclists know that if they need assistance — such as water or a phone — they could stop in and ask us.’ We were really touched by this idea, so we came up with the idea of creating a decal for them to display.”

While originally designed to be placed on the mailboxes of welcoming locals, the stickers have found their way onto local business windows as well. The blue and white decals let a cyclist know that he can approach the residence or business and request water, shelter or to make an emergency phone call.

Proceeds from the sale of the $1 stickers will benefit the Lindsey Wilson College cycling team.

Grigsby went on to say that, “we truly feel that any business that displays our sticker will be sending a message to the cyclists in their community that they are there for them in a time of need, and that the cyclists will repay that kindness with their shopping loyalty.”

For more information about the bicycle-friendly decals, contact Grigsby at grigsbyd (at) lindsey.edu or (606) 524-8808. http://wearebikefriendly.com

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