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Review: RockShox Reverb 100mm dropper seatpost

Reverb 100
The Reverb uses a hydraulic remote. Photo: Caley Fretz © Singletrack.com

Mounting the Reverb up to a BMC TrailFox TF01, which comes stock with a 125mm Reverb and has purpose-built cable guides for the line, was as easy as it gets. Mount the remote to the X.0 shifters, put the seatpost in, and run line through the guides. Simple.

The post’s movement is controlled through a combination of oil and air. An air valve adorns the inside of the post. Put in 250psi and forget about it. Unlike other oil-driven posts, the Reverb’s hydraulic remote means no more futzing with cables running from bar to the post itself.

The seals that keep all that technology clean are impressive: triple lipped with a foam ring. They are definitely better than many forks.

Bleeding is no problem, much easier than a set of brakes. RockShox includes a bleed kit, including the 2.5wt suspension oil used instead of hydraulic fluid.

The Reverb has to function as a regular seatpost, too, so it’s nice that RockShox has gone with a simple two-bolt clamp design. It’s very secure and swapping saddles isn’t any more maddening than a standard post.

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