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Review: RockShox Reverb 100mm dropper seatpost

Reverb 100
The Reverb's hydraulic line is nicely routed on this BMC TrailFox, but on a frame that isn't designed for a dropper post things could get a little messy. Photo: Caley Fretz © Singletrack.com

Besides the addition of the 100mm option, RockShox made a few small but important changes to the Reverb. Most importantly, the old plastic line is gone, replaced with a true hydraulic line. The plastic line was identical to the ones RockShox uses for their forks, and simply was not capable of spanning the longer distance from bars to saddle without issues. The old barbed fitting would break off, sending suspension oil everywhere. The little OxyClean spray bottles gets suspension oil out of clothing surprisingly well, by the way (found that one out after an old Reverb explosion). The new design solves this problem with a thread-in fitting at the remote.

This year, the post will ship with a nifty little collar that can be mounted on the post to limit its travel. With the 100mm version tested here, we never felt any inclination to use it, but for someone looking for just a bit of drop it could come in handy.

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