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Review: RockShox Reverb 100mm dropper seatpost

Reverb 100
The Reverb now comes in a 100mm option. Photo: Caley Fretz © Singletrack.com

Telescopic seatposts are quickly becoming a must-have for trail riders, and for good reason. There is no question that a lower saddle keeps the flow flowing when the going gets gnarly, but stopping to manually adjust saddle height at the top of every hill is absurd. Dropping posts are the answer.

RockShox entered the market last year with the original Reverb, offering 125mm of saddle movement in a 380 or 420mm length. This year, they’re adding a 100mm option for those looking for a bit less travel (or riding a shorter travel, less aggressive bike), in 355 or 420mm lengths. At $300 the Reverb is far from cheap, but few upgrades will do more for your mid-ride grin tally.

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