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Millar supports CAS decision allowing Olympic entry by athletes who have served doping suspensions

It’s time for a standardization of doping rules across international borders and disciplines, Garmin-Cervelo’s David Millar said Thursday in reaction to a Court for Arbitration of Sport ruling that should open the doors to Olympic competition by athletes who have served doping suspensions.

CAS announced Thursday that it had invalidated an International Olympic Committee rule that prevented any athlete who had served a doping suspension of six months or more from competing in the Olympics.

“The IOC Executive Board’s June 27, 2008 decision prohibiting athletes who have been suspended for more than six months for an anti-doping rule violation from participating in the next Olympic Games following the expiration of their suspension is invalid and unenforceable,” CAS said in a statement.

Millar was suspended from racing for two years after admitting to using EPO in 2004. The British Olympic federation has banned him from the games ever since.

Racing at the Tour of Beijing this week, Millar released an oblique statement to the press Thursday through the team’s media liaison.

“We no longer live in a sporting world where we are governed independently by regional or national bodies, sport is now competed on an international stage bigger than ever before and for that reason needs to be governed by international all-encompassing rules,” Millar’s statement began.

“We have a code that exists in world sport, it is called the WADA Code, it is constantly being revised in order to stay up to date with the latest anti-doping and judiciary developments. The WADA code sets the standard in sport and it is one that all national governing bodies should operate under. … I hope this decision will pave the way for the development of global sports, and to creating a system that all athletes and sports fans can understand and believe in.

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