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2011 Brasil Ride, Stage 3: Fast Facts

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Fast Facts

2011 Brasil Ride Stage 3
This small chapel was part of the course

Stage 3: Rio de Contas cross country, five laps of a 7km circuit. This was solid test of true mountain biking skill that include paved, fire road, techy trail climbing, fast, loose singletrack and “the plunge,” a steep, rocky plummet that forced the faint at heart off their bikes in droves. This was the lone day in this seven-stage event where riders did not have to stay in contact with their teammates. Instead, GC scoring was calculated by averaging the times of teammates.

Stage Winners (individuals): Men Open: Kristian Hynek (Future Cycling-Sweep); Women Mixed: Ivonne Kraft (Brasil Soul-RC Bikes); Women Open: Adriana Nascimento (Ladies Brasil Soul-RC Bikes). In the overall standings there was no change on GC. Luis Pinto and Alejandro Lopez (Team Spano-Luso) lead the men’s open; Kraft and Mateus Ferraz (Brasil Soul-RC Bikes) head up the mixed; and Nascimento and Sabrina Gobbo (Ladies Brasil Soul-RC Bikes) lead the women

What it looked like in GPS form: Here are links to your reporter’s Garmin data from stage 2 [http://app.strava.com/rides/2093333] and stage 3 [http://app.strava.com/rides/2101698]. Quite the contrast…

Brasil Ride on (Brazilian) ESPN: See the video here [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u0bfphwXDM]

Stage 4: Rio de Contas to Rio de Contas, an 81.5km loop that includes 2343 meters of climbing.

Brazilian Portuguese Words of the Day:

  • Perigo [Danger, as in what it said on several signs along the 7km cross-country circuit]
  • Andar [To Walk, as in what many of the riders did when they came to those aforementioned signs.]

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