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Carbon repair: Options for repairing carbon bike frames

KirkLee carbon frame repair

KirkLee, like Calfee, is a custom carbon frame builder turned carbon repair shop. As their website explains, they simply couldn’t bear the sight of carbon frame owners’ tears, knowing full well that they had the ability to repair those broken frames. They now pride themselves on both the structural integrity of their repairs and the quality of their finish work.

KirkLee repairs appear at first to be a bit more expensive, but that’s because they refuse to leave repairs raw, so the price includes finishing. It seems to be a point of pride, actually, from a company that creates some of the most beautiful carbon frames in the business.

Response to the VeloNews.com frame:
KirkLee’s Brad Cason responded within hours of my email, and explained in detail what the frame would likely go through to get into racing shape once again:

(It will cost) $400. We will shoot it with clearcoat and maybe a black fade depending on how the weave matches up. I should be able to save or stay out of the logo.

This bike has a flat clear coat so expect a subtle difference in flatness and texture and maybe a slight haze where I pull the gun away and the paint drifts down. If I did not tell you then you may never notice but some are looking for perfection. Turnaround time is generally two weeks, and we never like to leave repairs raw. I cannot recall ever leaving one unfinished.


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