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Lauren Hall, Isaac Howe take leads in 2011 THF Realty Gateway Cup

Lauren Hall (Colavita-Forno D’Asolo) and Isaac Howe (Kenda-5 Hour Energy) won field sprints and donned leaders’ jerseys in day two of the THF Realty Gateway Cup on Saturday in St. Louis.

The high-speed, four-corner, 1.3-mile course used for the St. Louis Hills Francis Park Criterium proved tough for attackers, and the peloton controlled the race in both men’s and women’s events.

In the 75-minute men’s race, Brad Huff (Jelly Belly) took an early cash prime before a group of five slipped clear to a 10-second advantage for four laps. The peloton, apparently dead set on a sprint finish, quashed that move and each subsequent one.

With five laps to go, Huff led a five-man break that gained 22 seconds’ advantage before Bissell and Kenda-5 Hour Energy shut it down with one to go. Coming into the finishing straight, Howe repaid his teammates’ for their work, winning a nail-biter of a sprint by a tire’s width. Zack Davies (V Australia) finished second with Cole House (RealCyclist.com) third.

Second in Friday’s Tour de Lafayette, Howe took over the Gateway Cup leader’s jersey with two races remaining.

Colavita-Forno D’Asolo controlled the women’s race from the start. Friday’s winner, Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom), signaled her intent by taking the first cash prime.

But this time she would not have it all her way — Carrie Cash-Wooten (Pedal The Cause) took the second prime, and then Colavita set about working over the field for the last quarter of the race, launching attacks and counters before delivering Hall to the victory and the leader’s jersey.

Joanne Kiesanowski (Tibco-To the Top) was the runner-up for the second consecutive day, leaving her tied on points with Hall. Emma Grant (Colavita) rounded out the day’s podium in third.

The Gateway Cup continues Sunday with the 25th running of the Giro della Montagna, one of the Midwest’s oldest races.

St. Louis Hills Francis Park Criterium

  • Isaac Howe, Kenda-5 Hour Energy
  • Zach Davies, V Australia
  • Cole House, RealCyclist.com


  • Lauren Hall, Colavita-Forno D’Asolo
  • Joanne Kiesanowski, Tibco-To the Top
  • Emma Grant, Colavita-Forno D’Asolo

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