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Special Gallery: The 2001 World Championships in Vail

On Sept. 12 the US Flag at half mast before the 2001 World Championships, Vail, CO, U.S.A.

In the first week of September 2001, the mountain bike world was gathered in Vail, Colorado, for the world championships. When the attacks on Tuesday, September 11, occurred in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the athletes and organizers were stunned, like the rest of the world.

Organizers debated canceling the event, and qualifiers and other activities were suspended. But finally, the athletes and organizers decided that, after a special memorial ceremony, racing was the only thing to do. (Related: VeloNews.com articles about the week in Vail)

The weekend’s most memorable moment was when American Alison Dunlap entered the final kilometer of the women’s cross-country with the lead. With a few hundred meters to go, a fan handed Dunlap an American flag that she carried across the line.

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame photographer Tom Moran covered the entire event and shared this gallery with Singletrack.com readers on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

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