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Nick Legan: Putting the “Y” back into cycling

After a few beers, my good humor returned and it struck me that soon the trip would be over. It felt like we had just begun. My thoughts turned to the guys seated around me.

Jeremy, Ryan, James, Sam and Greg are exceptional riders, not just because they tackle massive routes, but because they ride with wonder in their eyes. They constantly point out beauty along the road. They revel in the journey. (Article continues below video)

Not to steer this article towards rant, but I do think that they are helped in this by a lack of power meters and heart rate monitors. They de-clutter their bikes and open their minds as vessels of exploration.

I know that I’ve seen a new spur before and instead of taking the turn, I continued on my merry way, thinking that I have to be back for a previous engagement. What a shame that we so often head out the door thinking, “I have to cram in this workout.”

As I’ve aged, moved beyond the need to race, my rides are more therapy than “workout.” And the funny thing is that I’m stronger and happier than I have been in years. I’ve challenged myself to explore, to get in over my head (and I was most certainly in over my head with the Rapha crew). But once I emerge from the other side of those trials, I am renewed in my love of the bicycle and the world around me, both paved and unpaved.

Thank you to Jeremy Dunn, Sam Richardson, James Selman, Greg Johnson, Ryan Thomson, Gerben Gerritsen, Jon Cariveau, Jake Stengel, Caleb “Cable” Booth, Cory Standridge and Matt Miadich.

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