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Must Reads: More Landis accusations, perspective on Clinger, London traffic & more

EuroSport: Contador fends off Landis allegations

In an interview with German television, Floyd Landis insinuated that Alberto Contador was still working with a coach who Landis claims supplied him with doping products at the U.S Postal Team. Landis called Pepe Marti “nothing more than a known drug dealer” in the article. A Contador spokesman says what Landis “says about Marti is false.” Contador worked with Marti while at Postal and then at Astana, but not this year, said Contador’s spokesman Jacinto Vidarte. “This year, the only people responsible for Alberto’s calendar and preparation are the members of the Saxo Bank team and Bjarne Riis. What he says about Marti is false.” More …

Steamboat Today: Schleck’s lunchtime ride in Steamboat

Tour de France runner-up Andy Schleck took time out from training and acclimating in Colorado to join a Monday-morning group ride in Steamboat Springs. About 150 riders joined the Luxembourger. Steamboat resident Jack Trautman said the ride was fast. “Everybody wanted to ride next to Andy, including me, so everyone in the back started to ride like it was a sprint to the finish,” he said.

The Daily Mail: Olympic organizers may change course after traffic complaints

Organizers of this weekend’s Olympic road race test event, The London-Surrey Cycle Classic, say they may consider route changes before next summer’s Games, to try to reduce its effect on traffic. Many Londoners, including England and Surrey cricketer Kevin Pietersen, took to the internet to vent their anger at having to deal with delays due to the event. Pietersen, who lives in Chelsea, wrote on Twitter: ‘Anybody else have to abandon their cars & walk miles to their houses today in West London?’ More …

SteveTilford.com: Clinger’s problems stem from love of the sport

An interesting perspective from the veteran racer and blogger (and his commenters) regarding David Clinger’s lifetime ban.Man, what that guy has done for the love of the sport. I have to say, he’s not afraid to go to the limit of the very extreme. I doubt that is a conscious decision. I think that is just the way he functions. But, alas, he’s not going to be functioning anymore in the circles of bicycle racing. Ciao David.”

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