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Leadville Series: Adjusting to the Altitude

Dave Wiens (Topeak-Ergon) six-time Leadville 100 champion

“Leading up to the race, the main thing I do is make sure I get up to 12,000 feet or higher and do some training. That way you can at least get a sense of what it is going to feel like. Other than that I don’t try to do anything special, no sleep high, train low or anything like that. That’s just too much for me to think about.”

“The best way to prepare for altitude if you are not from altitude is to do whatever you can given the circumstances of your life. If it’s four days, then that’s it, four days. If it’s less or more, then it’s less or more. Maybe that’s not ideal, but most people can’t get here two weeks in advance, so really it becomes an attitude thing. Don’t be defeated by something you read because it may not apply to you.”

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