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Leadville 100 Preview: Long Haul Racing Tactics

Nate Whitman: Team Herbalife24, Nine-time Leadville Finisher

On finishing in the top 20

“To flirt with a high placing you need to use the pack mentality and try to get over St. Kevins with the lead group,” says Whitman, who owns a personal best time of 7:26 and is director of the Herbalife24 Basecamp. “If you can do that and make it up Sugarloaf, too, there is a big benefit to working with a group on the flats during the lead-up to the Columbine climb. That applies no matter where you are in the field. Find people to work with on the flats. It’s the same thing coming off Columbine, you are hoping to find a rider or two to work with on the way back to Powerline.”

To win the race

“I think you need to be at least top five going over Columbine with no more than a couple minutes of separation. It’s possible someone could get reeled in by a pack after Columbine, but we haven’t seen that yet. So if you are first off Columbine you are probably going to win. Tactics pretty much end at the base of Columbine.”

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