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Exequiel Mosquera calls for resolution of his doping case

Ezequiel Mosquera broke his silence Tuesday and demanded that his ongoing possible doping case be resolved one way or another.

Mosquera won stage 20 of the Vuelta and finished second overall. Photo: Graham Watson | www.grahamwatson.com

Mosquera tested positive en route to second place overall in last year’s Vuelta a España for traces of hydroxyethl starch, a substance considered a masking agent for EPO, but one that does not directly trigger a sanction unless it is introduced intravenously. His new team, Vacansoleil, has sidelined Mosquera until there is resolution in his case, but no one seems to be in a hurry to make a decision.

“If they are going to sanction me, they should do it already,” Mosquera said on regional television. “I want a resolution already. We’ve decided it’s better to wait until the case is resolved, but I don’t see a decision in the short-term.”

Officials from the Spanish anti-doping agency (AEA) say it’s impossible to determine how the hydroxyethl starch entered his system — the blood-volume expander can also be taken orally — and said other tests did not reveal the presence of other banned doping products such as EPO.

Mosquera has a valid racing license and his name has been included on Vacansoleil’s long list of possible Vuelta starters, but his team won’t allow him to race until a final decision is released.

“I have always said that my second place in the Vuelta came from its own merits and I continue to say so,” Mosquera said. “We decided it was best to keep quiet to allow the authorities a chance to work, but it’s been painful because there have been many things written about me that are not true.”

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