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Leadville Pro Bike: Tammy Jacques’ Custom Eriksen 650b

The Leadville 100 is full of great stories. The race is famous for pushing ordinary people to do extraordinary things. But even in this crowded landscape, some tales stand out a little more.

That’s certainly the case with Tammy Jacques, a former Olympic and World Cup level cross-country racer, who retired in 1999 due to an unknown illness, and nearly died in 2006 before doctors finally diagnosed and corrected a problem with her pancreas. Now mended and racing her bike again for fun, Jacques will line up at the Leadville 100 to celebrate life and being alive.

Her bike is nearly as unique as her story. On August 13, Jacques will be piloting a custom Eriksen 650b hardtail. For the uninitiated, 650b is the in-between wheel standard that blends the benefits of 26-inch and 29-inch wheels, maintaining the nimbleness of the smaller hoops, while gaining some of the big wheel’s bump absorption and rolling benefits. Here’s a look at a unique Leadville Pro Bike.

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